All or Nothing

by Joy Ike

(free) 03:39


released January 22, 2013




All songs written, performed, and arranged by Joy Ike
Produced, arranged, and recorded by Saul Simon MacWilliams
Mixed by Saul Simon MacWilliams and Dan Romer
Additional Engineering by Billy Libby
Mastered by Roman Vail
Album Artwork by Joy Ike

Joy Ike: vocals, piano, ukulele, wurlitzer, percussion, string Arrangments, claps, stomps, sounds created with her mouth

Saul Simon MacWilliams: acoustic guitar, keys, programming, Percussion, vocals, marimba, trumpet, string arrangments

Jason Rafalak: upright bass, electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Ryan Socrates: drums, hand percussion, auxiliary percussion

Eleanor Graham: cello (track 3, 6, 10)
Adam Christgau: drums, arrangement (track 1)
Kallie Ciechomski: viola (track 1)

String Quartet: Chamber Light Players provided by Symbiotic Collusion - Ashley Buckley, Hannah Whitehead, Jason Hohn, and Jason Neukom



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Everything You Have
I've turned these words over and over and over again
I've asked myself are you ready to hear this again
I see you pushin' and pullin' and twistin' and turning'; tryin' to fit in
It's like no matter how old we get, we're always tryin' to fit in.

All these things you clutter and collect, they look good
But they consume your mind, take all your time. That's no good
You break one thing, replace two things. It never ends
But the things that shine, they will surely blind you in the end

I don't want to make the world my god
Give up everything for nothing
I don't care who you think you are
Everything you have will fall apart

All these things
They have their string all over you
They cannot move but they have you glued
I'd rather trust a God I cannot see than the things that try to change my personality

I'd rather trust a God I cannot see than the things that try to change my personality
I'd rather trust and know that I am free than in the things that break and try to take ahold of me
I'd rather know that my security is not in what I can do for you or what you can do for me
Or what I can give to you, or what you can give to me
Or if your hope is only in the things you can taste and see
Or what I can say to you, or what you can say to me
Or how people talk and say that my vision is blurry
So many things they take my time, but they’re not worth a dime
But they take my money, dignity, all of me
Track Name: No Matter What
No matter what you say
I’m gonna love you anyway
You know you just come and go
People are starting to think that I’m shallow
But you need someone to love you like I do

I watch you, I wait for you, I sit here day after day for you
I watch you and I wait for you, I sit here and I pray
That you have someone to love you like I do
Track Name: Go
Lift your head high. And don’t let it low
Let out a sigh. Then get up and go
Go out and get it. Hey hey!
Get it, do it, love it, live it
Walk it, talk it, work it, rock it
Go out and get it. Hey hey!
Track Name: Happy
Finally have some time to sit around and settle down
And think about my life
I must admit I don’t know what comes next, what to expect
But want to get it right
I just wanna to be happy, happy with me

35 some years ago you left your world
To make a new home in this new place
Dad and mom you sure are brave
To let it all go and pave your own way
So I hope you’re happy, happy with me

When I’m gone and my life is done
And I’ve spent my love and sung my last song
I wanna be eulogied like…
“She was sweet and she was strong
And she never marched to anybody else’s drum”

And I hope that they will say that
“She walked like Jesus, and she talked like Jesus,
And she lived like Jesus, and she loved like Jesus”
And I made him happy, happy
I made him happy, I made him happy
I made him happy, happy with me
Track Name: Time
I can’t remember how it feels to live a day all by myself
And never really worry about someone else
But I do remember when I found I could stick by you all the time
And never really worry that I was wasting my time

You thought it over and you said, “I like you and I love you
And I want to spend more time with you.”
It takes no thinking at this point, just effort, hard work, and honesty
Cause I want to spend my life with you.

Wherever you go, I will follow you

This is our life and how it starts
As we travel worlds and we make art
We'll never really worry about wasting our time
About wasting our time…
Track Name: Promised Land
My father says I cannot marry you
Says he forbids me
Says he will ship me back to his land
My mother says shame on you
For trying to use me
Don’t you know she worries that I’ll forget her land

My brother and my sister they’re with me
They say it don’t matter
As long as I remember my identity

So if you promise you’ll never let me forget my land
I will promise I’ll never let you forget your land

If what you said the other day is true then please forgive me
We don’t need to worry that we’ll forget our land
We will hop a train, we will fly a plane, we will walk all day
Through every country
We don’t need to worry, worry, worry if this world is our land
Oh no no no
Track Name: The Fall Song
You were walking down my side of the street
Humming to yourself and kicking the leaves and singing,
“Girl, come out and walk with me!”

And I put my sweater and I ran out the door
And I came up with this song soon as I hit the floor and you sang,
“Girl, come out and walk with me!”

And we sang,
“Fall wash over me
I hear our feet, feet and it makes me free
Fall wash over me
I hear our beat, beat on the ground and it makes me sing.”

You said, “jump into this puddle and ruin your jeans
Or come on we can huddle as we stomp on these leaves.
Doesn’t really matter as long as you walk with me!”
Track Name: Pick Me Up
Feel like a Mac truck done run me down
Didn’t wait or warn, it just ran me down
You know I looked both ways to clear my path
Lookin’ side to side to see just where I’m at

Feel like there’s something holdin’ me down
Try to swim through water, it tryin’ to make me drown
You know I looked back to see the shore before I jumped in
So I don’t know why I’m fighting just to find it

Pick me up and I’ll be the one to do the same for you
Work it out. C’mon and work it out instead of runnin’ like you do

If I can trust you to hold me high
Above the water and the road, above the chaos that we know
I know you would trust me too
Cause if you pick me up I’ll do the same for you

You run, I hide. You always leave my side
I don’t wanna be that way with you
I push, you pull. Dig and drop me in a hole
I don’t wanna love that way with you
Track Name: Don't Ever Die
Thought if I wanted, thought if I wanted to leave
Kept these words in my mouth, stood up and walked out
No one would see

Slipped through the door’s crack, never to come back
You followed me
Just like a shadow, subtle but faithful
Something so sweet

And you said, “Don’t ever die. You don’t fit in, but neither do I.
Don’t you pretend that nobody cares. This is me here.
You don’t fit in but neither do I. That brings me joy and life.
Joy and life”
Track Name: Home
Takes me a long time to say what I feel
It’s like everything I say rubs the wrong way, and what I don’t say pushes you away
I can’t win

And I’ve wrestled with you
You always win
It’s like everything you say puts me in my place
Take my hand just to keep me at arms length

You are my home, You are my home
Like the sun in the moon and the bride for the groom
You are my home

So I will be waiting ‘til your heart is there
‘Cause the only thing worse than keeping it in is letting it out
If you don’t care

I know words lose their meaning. Feelings lose feeling
But I’m tired so I said it; so you can do what you want with it
Words lose their meaning. Feelings lose feeling
But I’m tired so I said it; so you can take what you want from it
Words lose their meaning. Feelings lose feeling
But I’m tired so I said it; so you can do what you want with it
You can give it away, give it back to me
Or throw it away into the sea
You can do what you want with it. You can do what you want

You are my home, You are my home
Like the sun in the moon and the bride for the groom
You are my home