Good Morning

by Joy Ike

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released June 28, 2008

Music, Lyrics, Piano, Vocals - Joy Ike
Djembe - Peace Ike
Drums & Other Percussion - Adam Robusto
Violin, Viola - Esther Wagner-Yuan
Cello - Rachel Smith
Produced, Mixed, Mastered - Matt Robusto at Shrine Audio



all rights reserved


Joy Ike Pittsburgh

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Track Name: Strongman
I have your number in my pocket
I plan to call and we’ll talk it
You know I don’t like to get personal
But I know I can’t live in between these walls forever

I spent my time down in the valley
I lived in backyard dumpster alleys
It smelled like rotten fish and candy
Was time to pack my tears and disappear for all time

They say the sun will always find you
It’s true. You know I wouldn’t lie to you
It’s cruel the way things try to eat at you
These things you know they tried to eat me too

I’m fighting my strongman
I put him in a can
He tried to put me down
I almost let him win
I ran just for a while
But I found that I got tired
So I turned right back around
And I burned him with some fire, some fire, some fire

I have your number in my pocket
I plan to call and we’ll talk it
You know I don’t like to get personal
But I know I don’t live in between these walls anymore
Track Name: Warriors Get Your Gear On
It wasn’t what we expected, going about our own lives
We were all so disconnected, going about our own lives
It's said somewhere that when bad things happen good things follow
I believe that that's the truth though the truth is sometimes hard to swallow

It's funny how the best of us think we're better than the worst of us
Until tragedy happens and we realize we're all from dust
From dust to dust
Warriors get your gear on
Make sure all your fear's gone

After months of studying this, I've come to realize this
Fear exists in solitude but hope resides in multitudes

Two can make the bad guys run away
But one can only make them cry
Three can make the bad guys run away
But one can only make them cry
Four can make the bad guys run away
But one can only make them cry
Track Name: Remember
This cannot be our deepest fear
This is now. This is how we start again

Well I am saddened by the shallow hearts
That rule the world, That share the world
Most of us have never done our parts
To save the world, To remember

Well I’ll admit that I have turned my side
Enough to look but enough to hide
Oh oh the work it takes to kill my pride
To save the world, To remember
Track Name: Jacob & Esau
I didn’t know what I was doing when I did it
I didn’t know that I would make an enemy
And neither did he
If I could take it back you know that I would do it
But now I fear for the life of me and my family

I am told he has 400 soldiers
I am told that he is meaner, stronger, older
I am told that he is coming out to meet me
And now I fear for the life of me and my family

So I fought all night I didn’t lose my fight
But I knocked my hip right out of joint
And I said God you know I fought
For the right to say that I am tired
To say that I could use a change of pace
Help me to erase the weapons I have fired
The tears that they have cried

So I know what I’ll do
I’ll apologize profusely
By him red roses and chocolate candies
Fall at his feet and say God be with thee
But whatever you do
Please, Please, Please! I’m beggin’ you!
Don’t kill me or my family

'Cause I fought all night I didn’t lose my fight
But I knocked my hip out at the joint
And I said God you know I fought
For the right to say that I am tired
I even sent my men across the bridge
So I could fight without any distractions
So I could pray and fast for the coming attractions

Oh oh oh all I wanted was for you to say
That I could have your favor
That I could walk away and never worry about tomorrow

God of my father Isaac
God of my grandfather Abraham
I am asking for a game plan
It was you who told me to return to my land
Track Name: Unconditional
I don’t need your sympathy
I just need you to be there for me
I don’t want your pity love
I just want you unconditional

I was thinking just the other day
I would like to see you every day
This is really hard for me to say
But I just did

There is anger when you look and walk away
But there is fear when you care and when you stay
I need someone to tell me it’s ok
You just did

There are friends who come and then they go
The ones who stay are the ones I want to know
Don’t pretend that you care if you don’t
Cause I won’t
Track Name: City Lights
Sometimes I drive to the city
Look at all the city lights
Sometimes I enjoy the view
Wondering what you are doing

One time I got lost in the city
On a dead end street
And I called you but you didn’t answer
Hoping we could meet

I’ve been thinking lately
We should be best friends
I’ve been thinking lately
We should make amends

I tried to move to the city
On that dead end street
You begged me to reconsider
If only we could meet
One more time

So it goes
We are only human. Who says we can’t be broken?
And who knows
Maybe dependency brings out the best in me

This goes to show
You are the other part of me
You are the other half of me

Maybe dependence brings out the best in me.
City Lights are so much brighter when you’re next to me
Track Name: Oh I Fight
I went walking. I went walking the opposite way
You were talking. You were talking directly my way
We were wanting. We were wanting the same exact thing
But I was stopping. I was stopping. I needed a break

Oh the night climbs on me like it is fog
Oh the light pushes its way through the smog
Oh I fight through days that are cold and nights that are long
Oh I fight. I fight.

I was hiding. I was hiding behind my own face
I was trying. I was trying to hold on to my place
Even now, there are things you don’t know
And things I won’t show
And things you will never see
Things you will never see

But somehow
You were pushing and fighting
Pulling, praying for me
And that’s the way it should be
Track Name: Alone
There are people in this world
Who are afraid to be themselves
Sometimes or all the time

Everybody that I know
Is afraid to be alone
Sometimes or all the time

I once read in a book
That we don’t like to love
‘Cause we don’t like the pain
That comes with giving ourselves away

And I think that’s why I’m lonely
'Cause nobody knows me
I can’t decide if I want to give myself away
And that’s why I’m hungry for someone to love
Cause loneliness will kill me before I reach the end of the day

We suffer from the human condition
Too much pain in our lives
All the fear that we hide

Well I’ve got a remedy for the solution
It’s called crack a smile, stay a while
Walk a mile to say that you love me
Wave hello, don’t turn the corner when you see me coming
Don’t take off running,
‘Cause I need you like you need me.

It’s nothing in particular
I am just a bit peculiar
And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t stare

I washed my hands a thousand times
Closed my doors and closed my blinds
And I pretended that you weren’t even there

You broke the lock and entered in
And did that talking thing again
And told me that I need to comb my hair

I put on my shoes and left the room
And I took a trip out to the moon
But you followed
Track Name: Love Is...
You spat in my face a thousand times
You looked the other way ten thousand times
When you saw me down the street you turned around
And each time you talked to me I could only look down.

I can’t tell you how it feels when you hurt me
But you know just how it feels 'cause I hurt you too
And now life’s a little bit harder but we’re a little bit smarter
Thanks to me. Thanks to you

Oh this is gonna hurt so bad
I wish I had a reason to love you
Oh this is gonna be so hard
Unless I pardon you and move on with my life

There’s a plank in my eye but I can see
That there’s so much good in how you’ve affected me
And I won’t turn the clocks back if I have a chance
But I’ll try a little harder to give you a chance
You’ve affected me

'Cause love is patient, love is kind, love is long-suffering
Love is easy, love is hard, love is everything
Track Name: Hey, Where Are The Kids?
At age five I was making spaghetti
At age six I was writing a book
At age ten they were spraying confetti
I had passed my midterms with good looks

At sixteen I was incarcerated
For a crime I should not have commit
But the boy who had done it on TV
Said the crime was socially fit

Oh hey where are the kids?
Hey where did they go?
Nobody cares. Nobody knows

At eighteen I was having a baby
Who would have a baby of her own
So to keep her from this vicious cycle
We will lock her away in our home

They are skipping down the streets of electricity
They are skipping down the streets of high society
They are skipping down the streets of technology
They are skipping

Oh hey where are the kids?
Hey where did they go?
Nobody cares. Nobody knows
Why don't we care? Why don't we know?
Track Name: The Least of These
I tried to find an easy way to fix the world
I said I’d pray
It did nothing 'cause I did nothing
The world kept turning
The world kept burning

I shut my mind
I closed my eyes
It turned up on the TV at five
The world is turning
The world is burning
So I am changing
So I am asking…

Father, I do not understand
Why these things happen
Is it the sins of man?
Hopeful: that is all I can be
That things will change and
One day we’ll all be free
You and me

You asked us to help
The least of these
When we cried for help
You answered our plea
We are selfish but
We will try our best
As people who have much
To help those who have less

The righteous ones will say
We only did our job
And when the children the play
It will not be strange
They will clap their hands
They will stomp their feet
They will shout for joy
Cause there is food to eat
Track Name: Hope
How do you erase 365 days of the year without any fear?
How do you forget all the things you’ve done
When you’re the only on who cares?

I ran a mile long the other day
Tried to run away from my every day
The bridge I crossed snapped in two and I knew
I would never think of it again
I will never think of you again

Sat in my chair while combing my hair
Didn’t take too long because it’s not that long
But in that time I changed my mind
About the coming year and all potential fear

I know and you know
That there’s always hope for better things in the new year